Introducing the AI Chat Bot
from Techpresto

'Presto AI'

Introducing our Bot ‘Presto AI’ from

‘Presto AI’ is your AI-powered human-like Sales and Marketing agent that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year.
'Presto AI’ empowers you to expand and centralise your business operations across multiple channels,
including your website, social media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and email.

Enhancing your efficiency and driving your sales to new heights, ‘Presto AI’ streamlines and automates your initial customer interactions and digital marketing processes. Experience a new era of growth and success with ‘Presto AI’.

Maximise Channel Engagement with: ‘Presto AI’

Discover how ‘Presto AI’ expands your reach across all channels: website, social media, SEO, email.
See how it boosts traffic, engages potential clients, schedules meetings, and drives sales, propelling unparalleled growth and effectiveness.

Boost Website Traffic with ‘Presto AI’

As an adept website traffic generator, ‘Presto AI’ crafts and publishes customised content for your website and social media networks. This enhances your online presence, drives increased social media traffic and enhances your search rankings.

Up to


Your Website Traffic

Up to


Your lead volume

Convert Leads to Confirmed Appointments with ‘Presto AI’

‘Presto AI’ goes beyond the traditional website sales agent role. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, ‘Presto AI’ identifies and implements optimal strategies to transform your website leads into confirmed appointments.

Easily Capture Your Activities

Utilise our intuitive web and mobile apps to input your latest activities, products or services into ‘Presto AI’ effortlessly. This ensures that the heartbeat of your business is amplified as ‘Presto AI’ captures and showcases your business activities.

Up to


Your capture speed

How it works

Empower Your Business with
‘Presto AI’: Your Path to Peak Sales Performance

‘Presto AI’ is your ticket to AI-driven sales and marketing magic! Unlock the Potential of AI-Driven Sales and Marketing Proficiency in Four Simple Steps

Seamless Integration

Integrate ‘Presto AI’ seamlessly into your website with just one line of code. Plus, effortlessly blend ‘Presto AI’ with HubSpot Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) using Zapier and social media platforms for perpetual customer engagement.

Content Creation & Traffic Generation

Easily connect all your social media accounts, and ‘Presto AI’ will autonomously craft quality, concise, and optimised content, including case studies, blogs, and social media posts. Additionally, ‘Presto AI’ selects the best keywords and conducts comprehensive on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive relevant traffic to your business.

Boosting Appointment Rates

‘Presto AI’ engages with your website visitors, understanding their specific needs and guiding them towards becoming leads. It then continues the engagement via email. Employing sophisticated sales tactics to secure valuable appointments.

Continuous Enhancement

‘Presto AI’ evolves with each interaction, continuously refining its understanding and capability to meet customer demands. It provides invaluable insights into customer engagements, enabling strategic optimisation of your sales and marketing approaches.


Communicate in multiple languages

‘Presto AI’ is fluent in mulitple languages helping you overcome language barriers. With multilingual capabilities.
'Presto AI’ ensures impeccable attention to both your local and global clientele.

Sharing and Social Media Automation

Share your success stories effortlessly. With 'Presto AI', you can instantly share links or embed case studies and testimonials on your website. Automate social media postings, distributing content seamlessly across all platforms.

Experience Authentic Conversations

Step into the future with ‘Presto AI’, the AI chatbot adept at natural dialogue. Enhance customer interactions as ‘Presto AI’ seamlessly transforms complex requests into engaging conversations.

Enhance Your Sales Performance

Elevate your sales success with ‘Presto AI’ your AI-driven sales virtuoso. Channelling the expertise of top sales professionals, ‘Presto AI’ swiftly converts leads into invaluable appointments.

Build Trust

Nurture customer trust with ‘Presto AI’. By highlighting accomplishments and positive feedback, ‘Presto AI’ constructs a robust bond of trust between your business and potential clients.

Create Personalised Content

Elevate your digital presence with the ‘Presto AI’ customised content generation. Drawing insights from your past endeavours, ‘Presto AI’ fuels traffic and attracts leads like never before.

Capture your client projects effortlessly

Simply click "capture" on our Instant Uploader mobile app (supplied free of charge) and let ‘Presto AI’ handle the rest.​

AI-Powered Storytelling

‘Presto AI’ transforms your client projects into compelling case studies and testimonials. ‘Presto AI’ meticulously crafts engaging narratives that effectively communicate the value of your business.

Sync Your CRM with ‘Presto AI’

Streamline your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) effortlessly. By integrating your CRM with ‘Presto AI’, you will automate sales processes, manage leads more effectively, and elevate your customer service to the next level.

Monthly Price Plans



£ 250 inc VAT per month
  • 100 Sales Conversations
  • 100 Content Pieces
  • 5 Mobile App Users
  • £8.08 cost per day*
  • 3 content pieces per day


£ 450 inc VAT per month
  • 250 Sales Conversations
  • 250 Content Pieces
  • 10 Mobile App Users
  • £12.90 cost per day*
  • 8 content pieces per day


£ 750 inc VAT per month
  • 480 Sales Conversations
  • 480 Content Pieces
  • 15 Mobile App Users
  • £24.19 cost per day*
  • 15 content pieces per day


£ 1250 inc VAT per month
  • 700 Sales Conversations
  • 700 Content Pieces
  • Unlimited Mobile App Users
  • £40.32 cost per day*
  • 22 content pieces per day

We can offer custom monthly price plans tailored to the needs of larger companies. These plans can include up to an unlimited number of sales conversations and content pieces. Please contact us, and we'll provide detailed pricing quotations based on your company's specific requirements

'Presto AI'
Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘Presto AI’ chatbot is a multi-channel AI sales and marketing agent that helps businesses grow by driving traffic, engaging leads, scheduling appointments, and boosting sales across all platforms – website, social media, SEO, email.. With its advanced AI capabilities, the ‘Presto AI’ chatbot interacts with customers in a human-like manner, providing a personalised and efficient customer experience that drives unprecedented business growth.

The ‘Presto AI’ chatbot uses AI to identify the best methods to convert your website traffic into leads. It can follow up with leads and use sophisticated sales techniques to turn leads into valuable appointments. The ‘Presto AI’ chatbot also creates and publishes tailored content to drive more traffic to your website.

Integrating the ‘Presto AI’ chatbot into your website is very straightforward. All you need to do is add one line of code to your website, and the ‘Presto AI’ chatbot will be ready to start interacting with your visitors and converting them into leads.

The ‘Presto AI’ chatbot is trained to think just like the world's greatest salespeople. It understands complex requests, asks clarifying questions, and fully converses with prospects to turn them into booked meetings. The ‘Presto AI’ chatbot also builds trust with prospects by consolidating and promoting your web reviews and completed projects.

Yes, the ‘Presto AI’ chatbot can converse effectively in any of the multiple languages that it supports.

The ‘Presto AI’ chatbot is designed to connect our Instant Uploader platform (Chatbot and App) effortlessly with the HubSpot CRM system using Zapier. Full guides are provided to help you create a Zap to automate data transfer between the two platforms, ensuring your leads and contacts are synchronized. Learn to set up triggers, map data fields, and activate the integration for streamlined lead management and improved CRM efficiency, allowing lead management and follow-up. It also integrates with your social media platforms, enabling it to create and publish content that drives more traffic to your website.

The ‘Presto AI’ chatbot can create tailored content and publish it directly to all of your social networks in the correct format. This helps drive more traffic from social media to your website, improving your online visibility and search rankings.

By integrating with your CRM, the ‘Presto AI’ chatbot can efficiently manage leads, follow up with customers, and book appointments. This reduces your team's workload and allows them to focus on more complex tasks.

We prioritize data security and ensure that all data shared with the ‘Presto AI’ chatbot is protected with industry-standard security measures.

With your chosen Price Plan, you have a clearly defined number of ‘credits’ for Sales Conversations and Content Pieces.  Your website visitors' consumption of those credits when interacting with your AI Chatbot and by you when creating and publishing content are defined below.

Please note that you get ‘Best Value’ when creating a ‘Project Post’, which can include multiple photos and videos.

A ‘Sales Conversation’ is defined as follows:
For every two exchanges or more (one from the user and one from the bot) constituting a back-and-forth interaction, they are collectively regarded as one instance of conversation or usage, and one credit will be deducted from your account allocation.

 A ‘Content Piece’ is defined as follows:
Each unique post made to a single social media account uses one credit, regardless of whether the same post is shared on multiple accounts. Both photos and videos are treated as separate content pieces, each using one credit. However, if a project post includes multiple photos or videos, it is still counted as one content piece for credit purposes, and one credit will be deducted from your account allocation.

Contacting support is easy. Select the 'Contact' link at the top right corner of our website, scroll down the page and fill out the 'Contact Form'. Alternatively, please email us at:

When we receive your order, we will work as quickly as possible to process your application and install our proprietary software on your website via your host platform. We endeavour to complete this work within seven working days. As soon as our service is loaded and tested, you will receive an email notification with detailed instructions on how to use our Instant Uploader APP and how to optimise 'Presto AI' on your website for your specific business.

Yes, you can change the name. You can also change the associated Avatar.

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